Random Thoughts

by basinbeirut

Being the smart studious guy, I always found myself with this older bad boy fantasy. I really don’t know why I keep looking for such guys, but what’s disappointing is most of these bad boys are up for sex only which is sad.

Put politics aside, let’s talk about Shiaa men. They are adorable. The perfect fantasy!
Is it weird to find yourself attracted to guys from a certain religion? I’m not sure. I find it attractive when a guy is called Hassan, Ali or Hussein. 

Let’s talk about Grindr.
I downloaded it for the first time a week ago and deleted it the next day. No one talks unless you start the conversation which usually ends because you can’t really converse with someone on it. It’s hard, you lose interest. Most guys are also up for sex only. What happened to the decency? What happened to respecting each other? We are so concentrated on sex it’s unbelievable. Seriously, if you break it down, most of us want a good decent guy to able to share things with, talk about our daily experiences and most importantly respect each other. 
Tell me your thoughts guys.